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Dr. Bon Bon invites you to an experiment! By using the buttons on the panel you are able to change the color of ANY block on the board. You ultimate goal is to clear the board by matching all blocks! But here's the twist: once you press the MATCH button, you can no longer tamper with the blocks, so plan your moves ahead!

Dr. Bon Bon Puzzle is a Match-3 puzzle game created during A Game By Its Cover 2020 Game Jam. It uses Match-3 elements in addition to brand-new puzzle mechanics in order to create scenarios where you need to clear the whole board by messing with a few blocks!

Controls: Mouse

Thoughts about the game? Leave me a message at @lucas_izumi.

This game's source code is available through GitHub: https://github.com/randoman/agbicJam2020


DrBonBonPuzzle_x86_64.zip 22 MB

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